Friday, April 13, 2007

Paper, Job

"Loyal Readers,"

You'll have to excuse me for not posting recently, but I'm working on a paper I think many of you are going to enjoy; it's a campaign analysis of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan to re-establish political control over the capital after a Taiwanese declaration of independence...

I'm still not quite sure how the invasion's going to go. The air war hangs in the balance.

Also, I have a job:

I'll be working for Professor M. Taylor Fravel:

He's a Security Studies fellow at MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, a professor at MIT, and a Rhodes Scholar, specializing in China and East Asia. This summer, I'll be staying in Boston and working as his research assistant, helping him write a book he's finishing (from his PhD dissertation), as well as some papers on Chinaese territorial conflict, Japanese military considerations, etc. Still waiting on funding from the Institute, but it's unlikely to fall through.

More to come later when there's a bit more time.