Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Would You Do With a Ghost Island?

We are curious to know.

There is a small island called "Hashima," as a tiny part of Japan, once known as "battleship island," that is now abandoned. It used to be a coal mine "town," and it was a big deal (remember how few natural resources Japan has), but the switchover to petroleum made it defunct. It's fallen apart for decades now. It looks pretty nifty, to be honest.

Okay, it's creepy. But it's abandoned, and surely, something cool can be done with it. The only thing we've thought of so far is renting off to Hollywood for zombie horror films.

But let's say you're crazy and made of money. What would you do with this? Can you make it turn a profit? Would you try to barter for sovereignty and make your own utopia?

So go for it, leave us some comments.
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