Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Foggofwar is Now Playing in the Big Leagues

Many of my loyal readers know I have been making a push for publicity and popularity as of late. I have made changes to the blog to make it look more professional and presentable, and have even included a spiffy new logo. I hope you all like the changes; feel free to leave comments with critiques.

You'll also notice we're now registered at Yes, we've got our own domain now! I decided to drop the $10/year on it, because hey, why not? will still forward here, as I'm still hosted by blogspot (that is, Google, Provider of All Things). But now we're legitimate.

Edit: Please welcome Unleaded as a new author for Foggofwar; he will be the site's web designer and adviser, as well as author of the occasional article. He's got a big leg up on me on a lot of the aerospace and hardware stuff.

But keep reading! I hope this is as much fun for all of you as it is me.
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