Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bush is Squandering an Opportunity in Pakistan

By continuing to throw support to President Musharraf, Bush is alienating the Pakistani people, and thus the new ruling coalition that is likely to oust Bush's ally. Bush cannot be said to lack loyalty, but unfortunately, he can certainly be said to lack common sense. If this stance is not voluntarily and quickly reversed, it will result in--as a loyal reader of mine said when she pointed me to the article--"Failboat."

Pakistan is the primary front in the War on Terror, and is a battle that the United States must take a subordinate role in. I am ending this day, unfortunately, with frustration.


Anonymous said...

Truly... what is this, "we support democracy, but only in places with dictators who don't support us strategically"? (Well, yes, that is actually what it is. I have no reason to be surprised by hypocrisy at any level of government.)

Steve said...

I wonder if it's loyalty that keeps them coming back to Musharraf or a desire to moderate between the old and the new. Even when rejecting the old, it's important to know where they were heading before you can truly change directions. And having Musharraf in there might keep his few supporters from clashing with the new administration.

At least, that's what I would tell Pakistan if I had screwed this situation up as much as the Bush Administration has.

Anonymous said...