Monday, January 18, 2010

Unsung Victories And Defeats of the Last Decade: A Series

Because there is not nearly enough interesting foreign policy news going on right now (relax, folks, that was a joke), I'd like to work on a mini-series of posts about what I believe are the big-impact moves in the last decade for the United States' geopolitical position. Most serious movement in the geopolitical arena around the United States has been shadowed largely by various temporary crises, including the dot com burst, the September 11th attacks, the war in Iraq, and the Great Recession.

These moves have come in the form of quiet victories and defeats alike, leaving the United States in a much different geopolitical position, and facing very different opportunities and threats, than most of the general public believes. In addition, I believe many of the threats and weaknesses that the public is aware of, it's blaming on events largely unrelated to the root cause of the situation. I seek to, in part, bring some perspective to the tumultuous decade that was known affectionately as the Naughties by many of my British colleagues, and to look into what I think is likely to happen into the Tens, and where the US is going to be headed.

If all goes well, I should end up writing one short article per day for the next two weeks or so, until the series is done. Enjoy.
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