Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pakistan is Falling Apart

With Musharraf resigned, Pakistan's coalition is back to bickering--this time, over who will succeed him. The coalition had little in common besides a disdain for Mr. Musharraf--it seems they need a common enemy to survive, and somehow, the Taliban is not that common enemy.

Sadly, this fracturing is a sign that Pakistan's ruling coalition is going to be weak and stay weak, and is not able to press forward and root out the Taliban in its northwest now that Musharraf is out of the way.

Now we understand the Bush administration's insistence on holding onto Mr. Musharraf as an ally--the alternatives will not be able to help in the War on Terror. What happens to Pakistan at this point is unsure--but it will continue to decline into a teeming mess before it gets better.
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